Facebook imitate celebrity Twitter to push authentication page

Facebook on Wednesday announced the launch of the authentication page and certification services to help ordinary cheap oakleys
users to identify reporters, government officials, celebrities, famous, and important accounts such as enterprise. When the certified user name appears in the time axis, when the search results, and other parts of Facebook, will increase by a blue check mark next to results with Twitter is very similar to authenticated user. Although Facebook is "Help Center" in the icon called "blue badge", but in any case what is the name, "certification" is the key. Facebook said the company will initiate authentication pages and information. Nevertheless, if users believe that their identity was a fake, you can oakley sunglasses sale
still report to the company. However, users are unable to approach the Facebook authentication. Facebook said in a statement: "our certification information or cheap oakley sunglasses
title="oakley sunglasses cheap">oakley sunglasses cheap
pages are intended to help you identify some of the people who indeed is true. Keep in mind that not all the real information and real page is certified, and you can't ask for certification. But you can tell us your own, your cheap oakley sunglasses
company or your brand being fake. ? Facebook is not the only company to the Twitter experience certification features company, United States social photo-sharing site Pinterest last October launched the certification of accounts functions. In the process of developing new features and social networking often can learn from each other. Many users also have Facebook and Twitter accounts, but the former is still much greater than the latter.

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