Yahoo's services will be closed as follows:

Upcoming: Yahoo will be closed April 30, Upcoming, stopped for the Upcoming API (application programming interface) support;cheap oakleys
Yahoo Deals Yahoo to turn off this service on April 30; Yahoo SMS Alerts: Yahoo will be on April 30 to disable this service, turn to the Yahoo News (Yahoo News), Yahoo Weather (Yahoo Weather), Yahoo Sports (Yahoo Sports), Yahoo Finance (Yahoo Finance), mobile applications, and alignments of the notification on the Yahoo Web site to provide users with the latest information. Users can still visit Web site, choose to receive notification via e-mail or Yahoo Messenger;cheap oakley sunglasses
Yahoo Kids: Yahoo will turn off this service on April 30, and recommends that users under 13 years old by Family Accounts registered Yahoo ID, Yahoo mail, Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo movies (Yahoo Movies). Yahoo mail and Yahoo Messenger application feature phones: Yahoo will turn off this service on April 30, but will continue to work through the mobile network for feature phones users of Yahoo mail and Yahoo Messenger support, while other users are recommended to use Android, iOS, and Windows 8 version of Yahoo mail application or Android and iOS version Yahoo Messenger application. Versions of older Yahoo mail service Yahoo to June 3 week turn off these services, users will be turned to the new Yahoo mail service. Through a dial-up Internet access or other browser users who use Yahoo services are turned to the basic version (HTML only) the latest Yahoo mail service.oakley outlet

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