Flipboard subversive media advertising: readers turned content publisher

United States Science and technology blog GigaOM today named Matthew · Ingram (Mathew Ingram) article says United States social news Flipboard revision holds great opportunities, and even has the potential to subvert the existing media and advertising models.cheap oakley sunglasses
Following is the full text of the article; Being one of today's leading news magazine style, Flipboard on Tuesday released the latest version, introduced a number of interesting features, these features can help users create and share personalized magazine. There have been a lot of media coverage about this upgrade, but I believe that most coverage overlooked two key aspects of these new features and its potentially disruptive ? not just on traditional media, but all media.cheap eyeglasses
New Flipboard is not just an evolution: it greatly from this service in the first place. Prior to this, their aim has been to facilitate mining and consumption of content from different sources, but the new features but want to turn readers into publishers. Through a variety of production tools, they will turn the reader into Flipboard's edits. Flipboard intent seems clear: trying to Pinterest, or in the service of the most interesting features such as Tumblr integration comes in. However, if Flipboard done right, they may be incredibly disruptive. This is possible in two ways:oakley outlet
1, advertising Flipboard's production and publication tools, not only for individual users, also aimed at the enterprise, the publishers and brands available. In this website there is a neglected element is, Flipboard is to integrate e-commerce functionality to the application. According to the company's CTO Eric Feng (Eric Feng) revealed that some advertisers are already using their own autonomous create magazine advertisements and content from other sources. As with ordinary user-generated content, these magazines are then determined by the Flipboard algorithms for selection and promotion. On "native" advertising and sponsored content and so-called "brand news", we have explored a lot. This philosophy is at the heart of traditional publishers and brands and advertisers to provide the same tools, to create and disseminate interesting content, directly to the audience. If a brand can create the content, and have their own ads, but also has a built-in e-commerce functionality, it also requires the traditional magazine to do?glassespop

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